Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I just finished playing a little improvised nocturne for the LUC. She was complaining that I never play guitar for her anymore. It's true, there's just not enough time or energy of late. Even my calluses are starting to get a bit thin. Because I was a bit of jerk to her yesterday I pulled out my concert classical guitar and lullabyed an apology.

Just a simple ditty in A minor but, well, it was beautiful. I have no evidence but how I feel; she fell asleep not 3 phrases in. (Not unusual that, I take no offence.) It was one of those moments where my brain was a step ahead of my hands. I'd think "how about a triplet in E minor for colour." and it would happen. No muss, no fuss just a flow of music from..... somewhere. It felt more like pouring clear water from a glass jug than playing guitar. Just direct the stream and it sparkles in the light through no craft of my own.

A guitar, a sleeping love and a momentary connection to music of the spheres, I'm a lucky man.