Thursday, April 13, 2006

Using You

To those few of you who come here fairly frequently, MJ, D-Ray, Fred, the one who's server is in Sunnyvale, the one in Kelowna and the few from other places: I'm sorry I don't post more often.

The reason is quite simple; if I don't have anything to say that's interesting to me I'd rather just shut the hell up. I mean, there's a reason I play in an instrumental band.

If something unusual happens or my interest gets peaked about an aspect of my musical life it tends to gurgle around in my slushy brain for a few weeks. I'm always trying to find the why and how of these things or the connection to a bigger issue. If I can't force some sort of conclusion out of my experience or observation I tend to let it drop. Yup, I'm taking a very limited topic blog and reducing the chance of a steady readership even more by deliberately restricting my output.

Hmmmm, and is there a reason I'm not famous yet? :)

This isn't a pity-fest, far from it. I simply wanted to say thanks to those of you who find what I write even moderately interesting. I don't want anyone thinking I don't notice and appreciate the modest attention I get on these here internets.

So thanks folks. Thanks for the comments, thanks for occasionally pushing my hit counter into double digits and most of all thanks for letting me use you. I put a great deal more effort into these post than I ever did writing a journal, and the reason for that is the public nature of it. If you folk didn't visit I'd have never come to some very important conclusions about my life and its relationship to music, cause frankly, without an audience I'm a lazy sot. The cheque's in the mail.

(Oh and BWE, that comment your brother made was classic, a perfect example of why playing live is so much fun. If it'd been me I'd have tried to get him to repeat it into a live mike, but then I'm a cruel sort.)