Thursday, November 04, 2004

Because I had to

This isn't a political blog, you'll hear no more about this from me.

I don't think things would have changed that much under Kerry. But I do think that things will change under Bush. Change for the worse.

Now that he has what could be perceived as an endorsement, what's he going to do? Will he try to reconcile the split in the American people, ease his "us and them" stance? Or will he push forward, full steam ahead to a brave new world? A world where rich, straight, white Christians reap all the benefits of the immense power and wealth of the United States? Where laws are changed and freedoms curtailed to fit an agenda that benefits a very narrow definition the term citizen?

World opinion before this election was that the Bush White House was a thing to be feared. This election is a clear reply to that fear: the people have spoken and they said "We don't care."

Read this, it's the most lucid and rational argument against the W that I've read.

I'm going to put on Glenn Gould (a good Canadian) playing the Goldberg Variations (1984 version) and try to forget all this.

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Esther Kustanowitz said...

If he's smart (I know, a big if), GWB will understand that the reason things were so close between him and Kerry is because people in this country are not happy, and not at all united on any issue. If he's smart, he'll try to find out what the people really want and how to give it to us. But again, welcome to the world of the Big If.