Saturday, July 16, 2005

Sharp. Really sharp.

I was just skimming a book on Jackson Pollack and it re-awakened my desire to be on the cutting edge. Unfortunately that edge is a long way from where I stand. Not like the fab D-Ray, she's so on it that I doubt she ever needs to shave her legs. Oh, and yes that is an accordion and no, it doesn't suck. You ain't never heard sounds like the ones she gets (wrangles, manipulates, outright-pillages) outta that thing!


d-ray said...

Gosh.... I'm flattered. I don't feel all that cutting edge. Especially after spending two months at Bard MFA working with all these superstar artists. If you really want cutting edge try Paul DeMarinis, Marianne Amacher, Richard Teitelbaum, Pauline Oliveros, or Laetitia Sonami. These are the folks that are currently blowing my mind. Oh yeah... and Fiona Templeton. I still have to occassionally shave my legs, but one day I'll be able to throw that razer out.

My work is becoming more and more bizarre I have to admit. I composed a performance/sound art piece for my 2nd year crit which involved chalking human traffic, flip flops, invisibility, a hundred ping pong balls, and an exploding watermelon. We then proceeded to gather our chairs around the remains of the watermelon and had a 30 minute critical conversation of the piece. It was absolutely hilarious and extremely serious all at the same time. One of the faculty suggested I investigate the work of Jacques Tati. I encourage everyone to google this guy, his website is extensive.

So today I get to go into our fabulous recording studio (which my extremely high tuition is paying for) and finally record 'I Dream Eye' so that I can get it 'out there'. I have a video documentation of the piece, but the sound absolutely sucks. Once I have the recording I'll upload both. Speaking of which.... I have some of my older pieces, a short clip of the soundtrack for I.D.E., and some video stills of an experimental film I made at:

Once I return home I'll link the files directly to my website, but for now it's good to have some of my work available. Thank you to my friend Crispin for introducing me to this glorious website.

that's all for now from user 27402

Coelecanth said...

You don't really think you're cutting edge? Hmmph. When was the last time you tried to explain what you do to someone who isn't part of your immediate art community? I suspect that they'd be baffled and/or dubious about it. Isn't that a indicator of edgy status: baffling and making uncomfortable the people of the status quo?