Thursday, March 30, 2006


A woman is lying in the crosswalk in front of the store right now. She's old and she's hurt. Hit by a fucking SUV turning the corner and not paying attention. This woman is elderly, a mother, her grey haired daughter ran up as I was watching, crying "What happened." Her mother is crying in pain and bewilderment. Have you every heard a grandmother cry. A woman who's probably seen most of life's ups and downs, has given birth and probably buried a few people too. And now she's lying in the middle of the street crying as strangers watch helplessly as the abulance guys work.

I am so angry, I can barely keep it together.

For those of you with cars: driving is the most dangerous thing you do every day. 1.3 fucking million people are killed by cars every year in this world and over 500 million are injured. One of whom is right out front of my workplace right now. An inattentive driver has reduced a grown adult to a state helplessness that no one should be reduced to.

Anger doesn't even begin to touch it. PAY ATTENTION OR YOU'LL BE THE ONE ON YOUR CELL PHONE TO YOUR LAWYER. fuck

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