Friday, May 26, 2006

Nothing to do with my upcoming birthday

Tired. Frantic. In a cycle of anxiety that's entirely a creation of the chemicals in my head. I've not been able to settle to anything in the last months. It always feels like I'm running behind, even if I'm not. I'm lo-fi and there's a loose wire somewhere and the record is worn down to pops and hiss. Bah.

One of these days I'm going to go back and see if there's a pattern to these "poor, poor me" posts. Maybe I'm just somekinda half-assed lycanthrope, one were my brain is the only thing that gets hairy and enraged come the full moon.

Hey Fred, I hope you're doing ok.


Anonymous said...

Ah, Sweetie!

You just wanted an excuse to use that big word...

Just kidding!

I hope you're feeling better now. I get those moments too, and believe it or not, they also happen around MY own birthday. I blame it on the change of season and the allergies.

A friend of mine explained that the highest suicide rate happens in the spring and not after Christmas as most people believe. Spring makes people crazy! And judging by the fact that every relationship I've ever been in has either encountered a really rocky time or has flat out ended in the spring may be a testament to that.

Just take a breath, be patient with yourself, and take time for your. Get some rest and when you're not resting, surround yourself with loved ones and things that make you happy. Seems like you need some pampering.

Wish I were there to take you out to dinner or something, but the only thing I can do is sing to you:

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear *****!
Happy birthday to you!

Do take care!


MJ xx

Coelecanth said...

Thanks MJ. It's not too bad, not as bad as it has been.

So, when are you going to tour and come sing it for me for real? :)