Friday, July 21, 2006

I have a plan

I'm pretty sure that there must be some kind of bloggy hell I'm going to for my lack of posts. So very busy: two jobs, the band, a relationship, a new cat and The Tour* are eating up all available time.

The LUC is going away for a month starting next week. Hello pseudo bachelorhood! Yup, it's going to be ice-cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner except when it's ice-cream for breakfast and lunch and beer for dinner. And hey, does anyone know how to get a hold of some cheerleaders who'll bring their own keg and perhaps some lawn darts?

Every other time she's gone away I've told myself I'll get a lot of practicing and or composition done, but who am I kidding? I'll probably just work more and spend the rest of my time sitting around in the self created rubble of dirty dishes and unpickedup undergarments. Joy.

*Yesterday's stage was 5 frickin hours. Even I'm not enough of a fan to get through that in one sitting.


Fritz said...

I'm in temporary bachelorhood too -- wife is off in Colorado to do some schoolwork.

I too had grand plans, but instead I've been wasting my time watching videos, even spending a couple of hours flipping through YouTube and Google Video. How braindead is that?

I once lived in a duplex that I shared with a pair of amazingly hot cheerleaders for a rugby team. They had some very wild keggers, but they also invited the entire rugby team over. After the party was over, the rhythmic *thump*thump*thump*thump* from the other side of the wall was somewhat amusing.

Coelecanth said...

Ah, not braindead, just typical I'm afraid.

Yesterday was her first day away and I spent the evening eating pepperoni (we're obstensivly vegitarian)* drinking beer and watching Serenity on DVD, twice. I must say I'm a little proud of the mess managed to create in one short evening.**

No cheerleaders yet, but I do have a line on a woman's hockey team. That's the same, right?

*Sorry honey.
**It'll be clean before you get home, honest!

Pioneer Woman said...

Love, love, love your blog title.

Coelecanth said...

Thank yah ma'am.

Unfortunatly I can't take complete credit. It was an oft repeated joke in a former band of mine and I can't for the life of me remembered who said it first. It might have been me, but well, there was more than a little self-inflicted neuron damage going on in those days.