Thursday, April 14, 2005

Still down*... so many ways, but at least the home computer is working again. (He says, blogging at work)

So how do you stay motivated?** I haven't cared enough to work on anything in the last little while. Blogs, guitar, personal hygiene, it all seems so pointless. Never mind all the good reasons I've given for doing music, I'm in a slump and can't find my motivation.

*Another mild bout of depression, nothing new, nothing interesting, nothing even to be concerned about, just have to ride it out. Thank God for bad tv and good books: self medication at it's finest.

**This isn't intended to be a rhetorical question even though my recent absence from these here internets does kinda make it rhetorical. Maybe some mis-spelling living-fossil fish lovin' researcher will have the answer. ya?


PepGiraffe said...

"Blogs, guitar, personal hygiene, it all seems so pointless. "

Somehow, you've summed up depression perfectly. Oh, and hee hee.

d-ray said...

Either boredom takes over or the fear of finally dissolving into nothingness. That's what usually motivates me.

Sometimes inspiration helps too... although that often eventually leads to stress.


Coelecanth said...

Thanks pepgiraffe.

d-ray: Wow, "dissolving into nothingness" eh? Truth be told, when I'm really depressed dissolving away, hopefully silently and painlessly, is exactly what I want.