Friday, September 01, 2006

The Jet Set lifestyle

The LUC and I are going on three weeks vacation* starting next week. First to Madison Wisconsin for ProBike/ProWalk. Then flying to Las Vegas for two days, 'cause well, I've always liked Hunter S. Thompson's description of looking west out of his hotel room window and seeing the high-tide mark where the idealism of the 60's washed up around Las Vegas and retreated back. We're then renting a car and heading out to the Grand Canyon, Moab for some mountain biking, Fort Collins for beer and more bikes and ending in Denver.

The last time I spent longer than a day or two in the States the Canadian dollar was worth 9¢ more than the American. I'm really looking forward to it. Despite the bad image that the current US government is projecting around the world I've discovered through these here internets that there are plenty of warm, giving, funny and thoughtful neighbours to the south. (See above links for some of those folk)

I haven't the faintest idea if all this is achievable in the time we have, but the point really is to spend some time together, camp, ride bikes, boggle at wonders both man made and natural and generally relax.

This is not what you're waiting for.

*I know, believe me I know! She just gets back from a month in Australia and off again after a mere week at home. In all fairness she's speaking at Probike/Prowalk so that part of the trip is work and she's having to cram a whole month's worth of regular work into 5 days. There's more than a little stress going on right now.


dray235 said...

Have a great adventure my friend!!!!!!! Sorry I haven't written lately. I was busy finishing my MFA in NY, and then I went camping with my parents, my aunt, and my parent's dog. That was crazy..... ah the good old days:(

Anyway.... sounds like you have a fantastic agenda for your vacation. I'll be here in Montreal working hard at being a freelance artist.... that is until the money runs out.... which I'm sure will be never!!!!


Coelecanth said...

Thanks dray. You know I'd trade the traveling parts of my life for the creative parts of yours in a heartbeat. Of course I'm too chicken to stand the financial uncertainty of the freelancer. But someday when you find a way to bottle your drive and certainty I'll be the first to buy it and you'll be rich! :)

To bed, to bed and tomorrow "I'm leavin' on a jet plane..."