Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Still on the road

Here I am in Moab. One of the mountain biking mecca's. These last few weeks have been crazy. Las Vegas was surreal. Zion Canyon, the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Moab, this whole part of the world: all surreal in a much more natural way. It's the sort of landscape that must be fake, the beauty of it is that absurd. It has an atheistic that speaks to the part of the brain that never climbed down from the trees, the part that still dwells on that African Savannah of our flint-knapping ancestors.

The trip's been pretty good. The highlights so far: riding the roller coaster at New York, New York in Las Vegas. Seeing Penn and Teller. Getting caught in a thunderstorm during a mountain bike ride at the Grand Canyon (lowlight actually, very scary indeed). Riding the Thunder Mountain trail in Red Canyon and getting around around almost all of the switchbacks on the scary descent. Driving across the desert of south west Utah blasting Richard Thompson's Mock Tudor album as the sun sets. All good stuff.

We're going to be in Moab for a couple of days then on to Fort Collins.

I've played my guitar a couple of times, mostly waiting for laundry to dry. Musically, I've been more inspired by the book I've been reading "Our Band Could Be Your Life" by Michael Azarred than the landscape and the camping, but I'm sure that'll change once I start sleeping in a comfy bed and having regular showers. :)


dray235 said...

Can we expect to be seeing any pictures of your adventures? I seem to remember that you aren't the type to haul a camera around..... I'm the same these days. Perhaps just a few though...... with a wee little disposable? Until then I'll be dreaming about the high desert. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


What you describe is magical! I long to see it sometime before I leave the continent for good! (I'm looking at moving to Norway to be with my love within the next year. Could be as soon as 8 months...)

I know we haven't been in contact in a long, long time, but here's the lowdown:

I'm with a Norwegian PhD (we met here at the beginning of his 6-month post-doc, he left for Oslo on June 30th), fell in love, went to see him in Norway over the summer, he's coming here Sunday for a visit (when I drag him to Alberta for 8 days to meet my family and see the Rockies), and my plane ticket is bought to go see him in Oslo for Christmas.

We've been looking into all the options of getting me to Norway legally. There are many ways.

Musically, things have been going non-stop! I've played over 10 shows in the past month (I even played a couple of shows in Montreal!). I'm exhausted. There's so much to do when doing this by yourself! (AND I work during the day!) I want a booking agent and a manager. (Either that or my personal minion!) I'd better work on finishing that CD first!

I did put up a MySpace site. If interested, check out

Have a safe journey home!

MJ xx

dray235 said...

I don't believe that you're still on the road. What's taking you so long to get back??????

LUC said...

See, sweetie, I do pay attention to your blog too! Here's a link to the likeminded fellow in MSP

Anonymous said...

2.5 months and no new blog????? What's up?????