Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Alright, alright!

Here they are, my excuses for not blogging:

-Life has been terribly busy of late. I've been feeling like I have no time for anything that isn't a basic bodily function.
-This blog started as a means to keep myself motivated to practice guitar. It quickly became an exploration of why it was that I spent so much time doing music. It really puzzled me because I wasn't even playing gigs let alone being financially rewarded. Then I figured it out and I lost a lot of my motivation.
-I got engaged. Yup, the former Lovely Un-indicted Co-conspirator (LUC) has agreed to be indicted. It took me a long time to set up and execute my plan for the proposal and as you can imagine this was the biggest thing in my life for quite a while. If I was going to write about anything it would be that* and, well, she occasionally drops by these here parts. As does my mother and there's no way I'd live it down if she found out about the engagement by reading it in my blog.
-There's other big news that I can't talk about yet.

Anyway, those are my reasons such as they are. The plan is to open up my subject matter to include more than just my musical life although I suspect that will always be a large factor in what I have to say. I've never had a huge readership and don't expect one, but there are a few people who still drop by regularly despite my lack of posts. Thanks folks.

*I will be writing about it as soon as I have some time.


d-ray said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to you both. I can hardly wait to hear what else is happening in your lovely life. And I'm happy you're going to be opening up the blog. This is the only way that us ex-pats can keep in touch with you.

And I want to come for a visit sometime in the new year..... so keep that in mind along with all your other plans.

Oh..... and you had better send me an invitation!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


I'm SO glad you wrote! I check in about every two weeks, just to see if you wrote anything!

As for your news, and other pending news, I think d-ray said it all! Um... Ditto!

My Cd's almost done. Could I send you a copy? Could you please email me your home address?

Happy holidays to the both of you. I know you're a Scrooge, but your LUC is not! (Haha!) I can't believe that she was down here to witness a crazy party two years ago. Where has the time gone?

I'm headed to Norway in just one week. I'm going from a cold dark place to a colder (well, not this year - record highs in Norway this year - and they tell us that Global Warming is a myth and can't be proven), darker place. But at least I have my priorities right!

Looking forward to more news!


MJ xx

d-ray said...

Check this blog out!!!!! This is by one of my friends.... and faculty from the MFA program I just finished. She does some amazing work and has totally inspired me to open up my ideas of how art can exist in my life.