Saturday, July 28, 2007

So we got married almost 2 weeks ago. Best wedding I've ever been to. Last night a 5am Claire's waters broke. We went to the hospital and they've sent us home until the real contractions start. I am not ready for this. Think good things for us. When next we speak there'll be a shiny new person in the world.


Ed W said...

I hope everything is going well. Post a photo of momma and new baby when you can.

Doug said...

Congratulations on the many life changing events going on in your life right now!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Please give news when you can!

This would explain why you weren't at my show!!! Good excuse, I must say! I'm so happy for you!!!

And since you can't come to us, Arthur and I have decided to come to you. Since I missed your first wedding, I'd really like to come to your second on and build a little tour around that date. Could you use some sultry (or 'sulty' as was printed on the tickets that M&M provided for the show) French Café and Gypsy Jazz for your wedding?

I believe we have enough time to do this properly and both hit up our respective governments for travel money.

When you move, could you perhaps keep an eye out for venues for us? That will be the true challenge!

Darn it! Please email me a number where I can call you before you head out!

I miss you lots!!!

MJ xx

Fritz said...

Wonderful and congrats!

dray235 said...

Yeah!!!!!!! I'm guessing you're probably a proud Papa by now. I'm so sad that I ended up missing your wedding. I was really looking forward to seeing everyone again. Darn it.

Definitely stay in touch though..... and send us some pictures..... lots of them.... picspicspicspicspicspicspicspicspics

lotsa love to you and Claire and baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!