Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The finest kind

Events, Current and Not So

Nothing accomplished on Friday. Except eating, oh the yumminess! Went here for a joint celebration of birthdays.

Saturday was spent riding over hither and yon. Rode out to see the LUC come 5th in her mountain bike race. There's nothing sexier than a woman who kicks ass on a bike.

Musical events included being re-elected to the board of directors. The not-for-profit society I'm involved with puts on live shows on local radio. I don't do much, but hey, it keeps the band in a great practice space. Think natural light and a full kitchen.

I also bought some thin brass finger picks. Liking them very much. They have less skritch and feel much more comfortable.

I did manage to practice a little. Just some noodling with the finger picks. No improvement, just maintenance. Which also describes Sunday's work.

Did have a good moment with the Sunday noodling. I have a little tradition. The last thing I play if it's late at night is a nocturne by Robert Benedict. It's a beautiful, almost spooky, little piece and is the only thing I remember from my college repertoire. As I was playing it the LUC came in and hugged me from behind until I was done. Rather distracting, but positive reinforcement of the finest kind. Indeed, possibly the reason I learned guitar in the first place, but let's not go there, hmmmm?

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LUC said...

I really, really like when you play that lullaby - it's very soothing and a sense of contentment settles over our home. To me it signifies that you're satisfied with practice, and ready to come to bed, which I also really, really like.