Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Power and doubts

Currentish Events

Had a pretty good practice. We ran through the whole set in preparation for a gig on July 10th. A gig that's not to be. K bailed, apparently he has an obligatory family reunion.

Very, very disappointed. Pit of the stomach clenching, wanting break something disappointed.

The LUC is one of the organizers of this bike-fest. It's held in a downtown park and we've played it the last 2 years. The power for the amps and PA comes from a solar panel covered trailer. I'm enough of a tree hugging, bunny patter to find that gratifying. Great fun.

Relevant backstory

The first time I played a gig where my amp was fed into a PA I nearly wet myself. Soundcheck begins with each instrument playing by itself. When I got the nod I hit a chord and was floored to hear it slap off the far wall. I was gigantic, it gave me goosebumps! The bikefest is that times ten. Hearing sounds you've created echoing off the high rises is amazing. Godzilla watch out!

Back to the plot

There's talk of getting substitute bass player, but I'm leery. I know how I felt when the were going to gig without me. If K really is fine with it then ok, but otherwise I'm opposed even though it's really important to me to do it.


Prep for a 70k bike camping trip. Forgot to pack this, so no practice this weekend.

Biking and camping.

Museum visiting and biking. The LUC had been invited down to see the stored collection of antique bicycles and she had to juice to get me backstage . Hopefully the bike-fest will have a display. Very cool.

About 1/2 hour of fingerpick practice. I'm beginning to doubt the usefulness of doing this. It's so much easier at home. Fluid, fast and getting easier all the time. At rehearsal I'm awkward, out of time and occasionally hook the strings and pull one of the picks off.

Not sure what to do about any of this.

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