Thursday, June 03, 2004

Hoo boy

Current Events

I set up the digital recorder last night and tried to do some vocals. A bit of a waste of time. When I wrote the lyrics I thought "Yah, this is great.", now I'm not sure. I've come to understand why egotists are so common among successful artists. Self-doubt is paralyzing. If you decided something's great and never waver, well, it might not actually be great but at least it'll be finished.

Relevant Backstory

I bought the recorder six months ago. I've been working on the same song since. I used to have a four track tape recorder and many, many times tried to record songs on it. I never finished any of them. Because of this I've been slogging away on this one tune when I really should move on. I need to prove to myself I can finish something. It went well at first, took me 3 days to write bass and guitar parts for the verse and chorus. Took 4 months to write a 4 bar bridge to connect them. Oh yah, I'm a genius alright!

CE continued

After giving up on the vocals I sat in front of the tv and practiced guitar. Because I can't get the volume of my thumb pick and nails to match, I've started to use fingerpicks. They're fun, a fist full kinda looks like ninja weapons, but difficult because you can't feel the string. This kind of practicing is just repetition, endless drilling to get the action into muscle memory. The next step is to do it to a metronome or a backing track. Not there yet so more bad tv for me, hoo boy.

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