Friday, November 25, 2005


My days are filled with work, work, more work and the occasional bit of eating, sleeping and snuggling. I bought the new Metric album and it's been sitting, unopened, for weeks now. Life has gotten in the way of music.

This isn't the first time this has happened and it won't be the last. What I'm really worried about is how not worried I am. I mean, I'm supposed to love making music, right? Why am I not getting uptight about having no time to do it?

I've got another creative project on the go and that keeps the anxiety somewhat at bay. I'm building a fixed gear bicycle. My life has two points around which it ellipses, music and bicycles. Right now I'm swinging closer to the bike one because of the second job. With the coming of real winter that job will diminish to a few hours a week. I'm hoping at that point I'll pick up where I left off and finish the damn song that's sitting on the hard drive.

I guess like everything else, my desire to make music goes through ebbs and flows and right now it's ebbing. On the plus side, sometimes when I break out of the doldrums my playing improves rapidly. That'd be nice, I feel like I've not improved much since I recovered from the broken arm.

Enough whining and poorly constructed oceanic metaphors!

*The picture is the frame I'm using to build the fixy. I found it abandoned in the middle of a street late one night. I'm calling it Lonely because it's going to be single speed.


d-ray said...

I love the picture. It looks like some kind of failed kinetic sculpture or something. Beautiful!!!!

Coelecanth said...

It is a failed kinetic sculpture. :) The thing was completely unrideable when I found it.

bro said...

Looks like the ones we left at home!